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Refurbished vs. Used Medical Imaging Equipment

Whenever we hear the word “secondhand” or “used”, we often associate it to something worn out, old and nonfunctional. Then again, refurbished was added to an item which makes a lot of people to wonder whether it is just another way of telling people that it’s used or there is more to it. Basically, there are significant difference that people have to know with regards to refurbished and used medical imaging equipment.

As a matter of fact, it is totally okay to question used or refurbished medical imaging equipment most especially if it’ll be used for places with high patient volume. Just take into mind that because a particular piece of equipment is coined refurbished or used, it does not make it less effective or functional.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is whether it is fallen business or surplus machine, the medical company wants it sold than leaving it to rust. Remember, even if the machine is touched barely by the staff, it is automatically considered used. Additionally, this means that good piece of equipment is for sale on the market but available for a lower price. Not only that, a great number of refurbished medical imaging equipment has undergone thorough inspections and repairs if necessary and then tested thoroughly to guarantee that it’s operational for ACR accreditation and at the same time, can meet OEM standards.

Used medical device is referring often to equipment that is sold as is or in other words, there are no changes or repairs made to the product. Refurbished medical equipment on the other hand has some works done on it whether it is part replacement, paint job or extensive upgrade. One isn’t necessarily better as it will all depend on the needs, resources and budget of the buyer.

In addition to its different meanings, there are differences as well in refurbished and used medical equipment. For example, when you buy a used medical imaging equipment, not only that you’re getting them for a low price but also, it comes with a warranty. But for this, the responsibility for any parts or labors that are needed to be done on the machine lies on the buyer from moving the equipment, reinstallation, de-installation etc.

In regards to refurbished medical equipment on the other hand, because it is often tested to meet quality control, upgraded with new parts and calibrated, it is safe to say that refurbished medical imaging equipment are good as new. Refurbished systems include several warranty packages too along with delivery and installation. The agreements for refurbished medical equipment will depend as well on the product itself and the buyer.

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A 10-Point Plan for Careers (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Functions Of A Lab Technician

The work of a lab technician is to collect samples and to analyze them in the laboratory.

The people in charge of maintaining a laboratory are called lab technicians. In order for a laboratory to be used for testing, a laboratory technician will help to set up and clean the laboratory area. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lab technicians sterilize equipment so that they can minimize the spread of bacteria and other pathogens. Another job of a Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lab technician is to calibrate testing equipment. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lab technicians handle the testing and the analysis of body fluids.

Some of the body fluids that are analyzed are blood and urine among other body fluids. They normally use scientific equipment such as microscopes to detect any problems in the samples they test. Once a Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lab technician has carried out an analysis of samples they have received, they will then record the data and give reports on what they find.

Pathologists are some of the professionals who work with lab technicians to help them make conclusive results about the samples they have tested. There are two types of lab technician: phlebotomists and histotechnicians.

Histotechnicians specialize in tissue samples where they can cut, stain and process tissue samples for analysis by doctors or pathologist. In order to do an analysis, a histotechnicians will use a microscopic slide. Phlebotomists have chosen to specialize in blood work. The Phlebotomists job is to collect, store, label, and record information about the blood in a computer.
Phlebotomists will then take the blood to a lab for further analysis. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite lab technicians work together with professionals like healthcare staff, other technicians, and their supervising technologists and some technicians also deal with patients.

Patients who are scared about their conditions and the process involved should be treated with compassion by lab technicians as they collect samples.
A lab technician should be a good listener because patients normally have questions about the procedures involved in collecting samples and they should be able to answer them satisfactorily.

Lab technicians work in hospitals or clinics.

Lab technicians may sometimes handle hazardous chemicals and they need to have protection for this. Christian Fletcher LifeBrite Lab technicians also maintain documents that pertain to patients samples.

Lab technicians normally deal with many samples at the same time and so they need to be detail oriented so that they don’t mix up samples. The work of a lab technician requires for them to have physical stamina to spend a lot of time processing samples of patients.…

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6 Facts About Health Everyone Thinks Are True

Successfully Obtaining a Substance Abuse Counselor Certification

If you think that your calling in life is to become a chemical dependency counselor or addiction counselor because you have personally become one or have someone close to you suffer from such condition, then that is one of the most fulfilling career path that you will ever take. If you intend to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor, it is crucial that you understand how important it is for you to take on Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies that can help you become the best drug and alcohol counselor that you can ever be.

There are some people out there who live near you that might be looking for some drug counseling near me and this is the part where you need to really get a degree in Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies if you intend to help these kinds of people professionally. It is not just career growth that you can expect from obtaining a degree but also you are now able to professionally help other people that need to undergo some drug counseling sessions. What you must know about most drug abuse facilities is the fact that in order for them to give the most professional and utmost care to their patients, they should be requiring their staff to hold a degree of such. Getting a degree in drug counseling and alcohol counseling is always a must when there is nothing more that you want in your life as a career and if you strive to climb up the career ladder in this particular field and get more pay at the same time.

Today, there are just a lot of ways for you to get some degrees in the field of drug and alcohol. Typically, you need to have a diploma in this chosen field of yours before you are allowed to join in some programs or schools being offered that deal with drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, some will require of you to have an undergraduate study degree. There are those that become drug and alcohol counselors when they have finished a degree in sociology or psychology. The choice that the student must make must now all depend on what course requirements they intend to take.

There are actually some schools out there that allow their learners to get Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies online to get their degrees. Bear in mind that you can see a lot of schools and programs that offer these courses already online for those who really opt to get such a degree of their choosing. Despite the fact that you can get some Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies via the internet, you have to remember that you can better off practice being the substance abuse counselor that you are with some hands-on practice. After you successfully get a degree in Alcohol & Drug Counseling Studies and get a substance abuse counselor certification from the CCAPP, then you can go on being the substance abuse counselor that you are.…

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Best Things to Do While in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most visited places in the world. In July 2017 alone, there has been 780,000 visitors to India. A huge chunk of these visitors go to Mumbai. Culturally, the city is rich. It’s also filled with many worthwhile destinations. Although historical sites are much more prominent in other parts of India, Mumbai still has some of the most promising locations and diverse spots that would surely leave any tourist mesmerized and wanting for more. Here are some of the best things to do while in Mumbai:

1.   Visit the Gateway of India

When you mention Mumbai, it’s impossible not to think about the Gateway of India. Considered as one of the most recognized architectural monuments in the area, the Gateway is a tourist destination that is not only popular for its awe-inspiring façade but also for its historical background. The grand structure is one of the first things every visitor sees once they arrive by boat, so you should definitely add this to your bucket list.

2.   Marvel at the Heritage Buildings

As intricate as their historical background is, the Heritage Buildings are a sight to behold since the structures are superbly maintained. They give off an air of nostalgia that will instantly bring you back to the colonial times of India. Make sure that you include the Bombay High Court, Horniman Circle, Prince of Wales Museum, and the Victoria Terminus Station in your itinerary for a day or two.

3.   Stay at the Banganga Tank

If you want to be totally immersed in India’s culture, one way of doing it is by walking around one of Mumbai’s sacred tanks. The Banganga Tank is not only a typical waterway as it’s known to be a sacred source of water for many Hindus. Even walking around the area is believed to be a great purifier. Surrounding the tank are residential houses, resting places, and temples that you can stop by.

4.   Buy Artworks from the Kala Ghoda Art Precinct

Art lovers will enjoy strolling the streets of this art precinct as there are numerous galleries, museums, and trinket shops here. Also known as the “Black Horse” because of a previous statue erected in the area, the Kala Ghoda is not only a great cultural place that you can visit but also where you can celebrate fun occasions like the 9-day Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in the month of February.

5.   Stroll around the Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat

If you love to mix around with the locals, this large open-air laundry will make your stay in Mumbai unforgettable. Inside this city, you’ll get to see all of the dirty laundries from the surrounding districts being washed. The Dhobis or the laundry-men will gather together to wash and clean a set of clothes for the day. When you look at the scene in an aerial or faraway view, you’ll get to see endless lines of colorful clothing being manually scrubbed by hardworking laborers.

6.   Eat a Meal from a Mumbai Dabbawalas

Your stay in Mumbai wouldn’t be complete without tasting their cuisine. Food, whether exotic or traditional, is one way of identifying with the culture of a particular area. Thus, don’t leave Mumbai without tasting a meal from the Dabbawalas or visiting vendors who bring fresh food containers. Their job is to provide the office workers in the cities their daily supply of lunch boxes, so if you want an affordable way of knowing their cuisine, this is an awesome option  that would not only satisfy your tummy but will also save you some money.

7.   Stop over Haji Ali

Your Mumbai stay will never be complete without stopping over Haji Ali. If you are fond of visiting burial grounds and holy places, Haji Ali is the perfect destination as this is both a tomb and a mosque. The Haji Ali has a rich background. This was built in the early 1400s by Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari – a notable historical figure who was reformed after his pilgrimage to the holy land of Mecca. Now, anyone can visit the place as it’s conveniently situated in central Mumbai. However, you’ll have to make sure that you come during low tide because the structure is situated in the middle of the sea.

8.   Shop in the Bazaars and Marketplaces

One pleasant way of ending your Mumbai trip is by visiting the bazaars and marketplaces. You can go to the Colaba Causeway or the Chor Bazaar Thieves Market and shop at the endless lines of stalls, boutiques, and shops. Here, you can buy a variety of goods and items like souvenirs, trinkets, spices, dried goods, and all sorts of exotic and wonderful things.


Mumbai is one of the greatest cities in India, so if you are planning to visit it …

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Getting Creative With Wellness Advice

Strategies to Identify the Best Physical Therapists in the Los Angeles Area

The journey of recovering from an injury or surgery can be tedious. The healing progression becomes even harder since a patient may require careful training to become fit once more. Luckily, you can recruit a physical therapist who will guide you on how to exercise your body without risking further injuries. Nevertheless, you should know you will face a significant challenge since you will have to choose one expert out of thousands of physical therapists. The following tactics are essential in assisting you to identify the leading physical therapists in the Los Angeles area.

First, look for physical therapists with valid licenses. The endorsed expert must have a degree from a recognized institution and the expert must have completed the primary licensure examination. The procedure followed to attain the physical therapy license is complicated as it entails completing both physical and theoretical examinations that are compulsory.An example of an institution where you can find validly licensed physical therapists in the Los Angeles is the Fabrizio team.

Second, ensure you put in enough due diligence so that you can get the most suitable expert. It is important to be informed that most of the physical therapists practicing in Los Angeles clinics are experts in distinct fields, such as neck and/or back strain, sports medicine, and joint therapy. Thus, the physical therapists may be specializing in different fields such as geriatric or pediatric patient therapy.

Third, choose Fabrizio physical therapy team that you can quickly establish a good rapport. For physical therapy to succeed there has to be a good relationship between the patient and the doctor. You should choose a doctor who is warm and friendly. You need to understand that you will be spending a lot of time with the expert. Hence, your chance of fast recovery will depend significantly on your ability to have a powerful and trustful relationship. After you pick your favorite clinic, it is prudent to contact the facility so that you can know the specific services they provide.

You should work with a physical therapist that is within your reach. Your physical therapist should be present in all your hospital visits. A good physical therapist should serve you without attending to other distractions at their place of work. Your physical therapist should never serve you in haste.

Your physical therapist should have enough experience. The professionals should help you mobilize and catalyze actions that would assist your muscles to relax. Body massage by a qualified physical therapist will encourage smooth blood flow in the body thus enabling you to heal fast. A physical therapist who has skilled hands will give you the best value for your money.

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A Simple Plan For Investigating Coaches

Benefits of Mentoring At-Risk Youths.

It is paramount that you put the needs and the well-being of your children first so that they grow knowing the important things that are a must in life. It is very important that you let the kids know what they would like to become when they grow up, in fact when a kid grow with a certain ambition, they are able to keep some things first that are important in life. You find that if the kids are not directed in the right paths, they will not be able to realize themselves and they will just be making wrong choices in life. In the modern life, the career that one chooses mater very much in life, it really reveals some of the characters that you would like to acquire when you grow up, if a kid shows interest in a certain part in life, there is need to ensure that it is natured in the right manner.

It is imperative that you, therefore, choose a Children’s Hope Residential Services that will guide you in making the best life decisions. Many people think that hiring professionals is a duty for those who are wealthy in the community. If you have feared about the firm that you will choose due to certain beliefs that people have; you will get the right conception from the people who have used the services before. Some even end up stagnation and wallowing in problems that they should not have gone through at any one time.

In most cases, children who suffer from certain challenges of life are most likely to have mid issues which are the cause. If your child has some mental issues, then he/she would probably undergo many challenges in his/her life. However, which does not mean that there is no solution for such situations since there is and the challenges are the solution. Many people have been able to scale up their lives by getting answers from the professionals and found a safe place to explore this world. Many people will claim that they provide the services in the city today to people with mentor issues, but they are just amateurs.

You should not hide anything from your mentor. If you lie due to fears in life, you may end up being given me the right decisions for the wrong personality. If your child has been suffering certain fears with his/her life, then you must ensure that he/she has received the help he/she requires. You need to be there to see if your kid is comfortable with the sessions of he/she feel uncomfortable. When your child is comfortable with his/her mentor, he/she tells him/her anything that is disturbing him/her, and that is what brings good fruits. You need a program that is continuous for your kid and not the one that makes him/her feel like not continuing. This is due to lack of interest which can have adverse effects on your life. In that case, you need to decide well for the case of your child’s life. …

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6 Facts About Tips Everyone Thinks Are True

3 Things that Ultrasound Technician Needs to Secure

In checking the internal parts of the body, ultrasound is what used which is the same reason why the demand for ultrasound technicians like Dwayne Pope is now at its peak. The main job of ultrasound technician or otherwise known as sonographer is to check the internal parts of the body minus the invasive procedure like inserting a cam.

Following are what you should achieve if you like to attain what Dwayne Pope achieves and become a professional sonographer.

Number 1. Educational qualifications – educational qualification for ultrasound technicians depend on specialization. Neurosonography, gynecology, cardiovascular, breast examination etc. are just some of the common specializations included. Choose one that suits your area of interests and you’re likely to excel.

There are also crash courses offered by different medical colleges as well as schools. But it’s better if you could go for a full time course which is of 4 years. Most of the time, gynecologic sonography, Doppler sonography, instrumentation and sonographic physics, medical ethic and terminology, ultrasound equipment, pathophysiology, human anatomy and obstetrics are the subjects covered by these ultrasound schools.

Number 2. Certification – this is a very important aspect of educational qualifications for the technician who does the ultrasound. It is essential to be a candidate for registration examination for certification and for this to happen, they should complete their clinical education first as per the guideline of ARDMS or American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography as well.

Besides, Dwayne Pope tells all aspiring ultrasound technician that it is the certification they hold that their prospective employers will check. The certificate will highlight all areas of specialty that makes it easy for them to land a job.

Aside from educational qualification for an ultrasound technician, the behavior and attitude at job and how one must assist his or her colleagues matters a lot. A sonographer has specialization in sound waves and that’s why they need to be in touch with other physicians at their job every now and then. This is essential in decoding the images and get accurate diagnosis. Ultrasound technicians have to directly interact with the patients to be able to get info about their medical history and thus, achieve accurate diagnosis.

Number 3. Ultrasound technician salary – 19 to 26 dollars per hour is the range of salary that a fresh grad sonographer can get. But this salary keeps growing as their experience grows. Highly qualified ultrasound technician like Dwayne Pope can easily make around 90,000 to 120,000 dollars. The requirements for a sonographer are constantly growing day after day and so does their salary.

If you wish to be like Dwayne Pope and bag home such salary, then you better opt for full time tech.…

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