3 Ways To Beat Obesity

Obesity is a growing problem in America. Luckily, there are many ways to fight the beast.

Bariatric surgery

Weight-loss surgery can be a tough decision to make. Seeking an expert such as Dr. Michel Gagner can help alleviate some of those concerns. You can read more about him at his website, https://cliniquemichelgagner.com/.

A Swedish study of almost 6,000 women showed that women who have had bariatric surgery saw fewer Cesarean sections, hemorrhages, post-term delivers, infections and tears. Study author Olof Stephansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden also called bariatric surgery “by far” the best option for lasting weight loss.

In the United States, the number of weight-loss procedures performed increased from 13,000 to over 200,000 between 1998 and 2008, according to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery.

Early prevention

Prevention is key when it comes to obesity, starting as early as infanthood. The longer infants are breastfed, the less likely they are to become overweight. Babies who are breastfed are 15 percent to 25 percent less likely to become overweight, while those breastfed for six months or longer are 20 percent to 40 percent less likely to become overweight.

Building important lifestyle habits early is also vital to preventing obesity. For example, rather than allowing your child to watch TV all day, you can go for a bike ride together.

Healthy diet

It goes without saying that a healthy diet is essential in fighting obesity. Eating less processed and sugary foods, while eating more fruits and vegetables is a given. Also making sure you get enough of dietary fiber is vital in weight maintenance. There is also “good fat” you can choose over “bad fat.”

It starts simple. Choose water over Coke. Give up the larger plate and go for a smaller one. Instead of that croissant in the morning, grab an apple or a banana. Instead of munching on chips during the movie, munch on carrots and celery sticks. Ask a friend or family member to help you make the right choices daily.

There are many options available for those seeking to beat obesity, you just have to choose.…

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What To Look for in a Home Healthcare Agency

Home health care agencies Bethesda MD have a lot of variety between their services and costs both. They also don’t all work with the same insurance providers, which makes choosing the right one very important. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in this area, it is a good idea to involve your physician team in the decision. Otherwise, a little research and a few questions to the right people will help you find the service that meets your needs.

Specialized Services for Treatment Niches

Some home health care services specialize in needs that fit certain communities, like cancer treatment or in-home dialysis treatment for diabetes. Others are more general. There are also differences in focus between short-term care and recovery versus long-term care for the disabled and chronically ill. If you’re wondering about which services your prospective care professionals focus on, you can usually find out from their web page or a friendly phone call, and it will help you make sure you get the visit frequency and experience you need from your professional caregivers.

Insurance and Costs

Most home health care services have to be pre-approved by an insurance company, but many insurers are eager to help you access these services because they are often less costly than treatment at a facility while offering better outcomes for patients, especially those whose treatment needs will be ongoing. Treatment at home avoids exposure to others who may have communicable diseases, and it also alleviates the extra stress that comes with traveling for treatment.

The result tends to be happier, healthier patients, and getting your insurance to approve the treatments that you need in your home is something your general practitioner and the right home health care agency will be able to help you with. Don’t wait to get your treatment set up so you can be happy at home, with all your medical needs covered.…

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