3 Important Ways to Care for Your Horse

Horses can be a beloved pet to people around the world. No matter the age or breed, horses are generally known to be intelligent and sensitive animals with a great capacity for learning. Whether you have a miniature pony or a giant Clydesdale, protect the health of your horse by researching time-tested methods of care. This way, you can ensure that your companion stays happy and healthy for a long time.

Choose a Reputable Stable

Many horse owners decide to board their horses at a stable since horses need quite a lot of space. A good stable should be clean and safe for the horses, with experienced managers and stablehands present at all times in case of danger. Take the time to meet other horse owners and discuss their experiences. Make sure that there is adequate shelter for the horses when they are in fields. Check that fences are not broken and that the ground is in good shape, otherwise horses could be injured.

Invest in Horse Insurance

A solid horse insurance policy should cover medical care, in case your horse becomes sick or injured. Horses are susceptible to many kinds of illnesses and diseases, which can lead to the need for surgery. A horse insurance quote can advise you about prices and services to protect your horse in case of an accident. Depending on the age, location and bloodlines of your horse, you could get a great deal on insurance to cover its medical needs.

Visit a Veterinarian Regularly

In addition to making sure your horse is up to date on vaccinations, an experienced veterinarian should schedule appointments to check the hooves and digestive systems of your horse. Bacteria and parasites can lurk in these areas of horses, so make sure to observe any changes in the mood of your horse and report them to your veterinarian for an examination.