3 Uncommon Items to Have Stocked at a Hospital

Keeping a hospital stocked with supplies is a hefty responsibility. Even day to day activities can be a hassle to keep together, but you always want to be prepared in the event of a disaster or outbreak. As such, specialty equipment or things you don’t expect to use often fall to the wayside when ordering, leaving you in the lurch when you inevitably do find you need those items. Here are three uncommon items to have stocked at a hospital to avoid this from happening.

1. Fingertip Oximeters

While larger oximeter machines are fairly common in hospitals, the fingertip oximeter is a smaller, easier to use, and overall better options when it comes to checking a patient’s pulse and blood oxygen content. Typically reusable and able to be used by anyone with a decent knowledge of how a clothespin operates, they’re a better alternative than the standard at many institutions and well worth the cost of switching over.

2. Medical ID Bracelets

Medical ID bracelets are an essential part of keeping a hospital running smoothly, identifying patients at just a glance and providing useful information to those caring for them. For hospitals practicing pediatrics, it’s important to also keep a large stock of children’s medical ID bracelets available, as you’ll find you go through those fairly quickly if not quicker than their adult counterparts.

3. Toothbrushes

While you might not be running a dentist’s office, keeping a stock of toothbrushes on hand in the hospital is a good resource. Not only does it benefit patients there for extended stays, it’s remarkable just how many things you can find for a toothbrush to do. Cleaning, in the kitchen, in the labs, and more are all helped by these simple and inexpensive tools, so don’t be afraid to order some (or call in a favor from a dentist).

In order to run a hospital smoothly, you’ll need plenty of supplies. Ensure your operation doesn’t hit any snags by keeping these three uncommon items in stock.