Kurtis is an eternal fashion trend that is unlikely to change over time. This is mostly due to its versatility. Kurtis can be worn as an ethnic as well as modern fashion statement. Buy Kurtis and wear them with leggings for an Asian air or throw in a pair of Jeans for an occidental look. With the right accessories, Kurtis can give you a boho vibe, and when worn with traditional jewellery they can also give a classic look. Kurtis can blend in with any dressing style seamlessly.  What makes Kurtis a favourite with everyone is their suitability to be worn for any occasion.

Kurtis became a vital fashion statement during the transition from old styles to new styles. A change is never easy. Sarees cannot be turned into crop tops overnight. In this situation, Kurtis helped to smooth things over. However, today, Kurti is not only recognized as a “link” but a full-on fashion statement with brands fighting to create their own innovative designs based on Kurtis. The simple elegance and sobriety of the Kurti have made sure that it seeps into the very heart of Indian fashionistas as well as those staying in other countries as well.

Kurtis with handmade artwork is especially in fashion right now. The handmade artwork gives each Kurti its own vibe. Some of the Kurti designs you must have in your wardrobe to be able to exploit the beauty of Kurti efficiently are:

  • Kurtis With Zari Embroidery

Zari embroidery is inherently heavy designing with golden threads. This design has grown to be highly popular due to its oriental implications. The Zari work makes the Kurti gorgeous to look at. You can wear it on any traditional occasion and be sure to stand out.

  • Mirror Work Hand Kurta Design

This is primarily a Gujarati and Rajasthani design. This design involves intricate thread work around small mirrors of different shapes.  This also gives your Kurti an ethnic look but in a subtle way than the Zari designs. This design will give your Kurti a more boho look while keeping your air essentially traditional. Buy this Kurti to keep dazzling all day long and make your style statement.

  • Polli Dotted Hand Kurti

This Kurti is fundamentally simple. It consists of simple embroidery that gives a soothing essence. You can wear this Kurti with jeans to sport an easy-breezy look. The designs are usually along the collar and lower border of the Kurti. Some Kurtis also has light embroidery all over the body. The Polli dotted Kurti is very simple in its look. Therefore, it is better to accentuate the look with appropriate accessories.

  • Kutchi Embroidery

The Kutchi embroidery is both boho and breezy in look and feel. It consists of detailed embroidery all over the neckline and sometimes on the sleeves and is short in length. The material used in this Kurti is usually cotton or georgette.  It can be worn with jeans to sport a Western look with a traditional edge.

Kurtis is not merely pieces of clothes stitched together. Each Kurti has its own look and feels and is a piece of art on its own. That is why Kurtis have become the fashion statement for Indian as well as foreign women all over the world.  Buy Kurti according to your own vibe and wow everyone around you!