Boiled Water VS RO Water – Which is the Better Choice?

Water is essential for your survival- and while humans can live without food for almost three weeks, however, water is a completely different story altogether. Humans can survive without water for not more than a week. The human body is made up of 60% water. Everybody wants to drink clean, healthy water in their homes. Boiling water is the most popular as well as the traditional form purifying water. However, boiling water does carry a lot of disadvantages. This is why recent studies have shown that RO purified water or Reverse Osmosis is the best purification method to drink pure and healthy water. This is why you need to have an RO water purifier at your home.

Boiling water may kill bacteria and other pathogens present in the water, it does not ensure 100% pure and safe drinking water. However, boiling water does have its share of disadvantages as well. If you end up boiling water which has a lot of toxic materials in it such as mercury, lead, solvents, asbestos or even nitrates, you run at a higher risk of drinking this toxic, contaminated water as the pure water is evaporated during the boiling process.

However, Reverse Osmosis is a process by which all the contaminants in the water are removed without losing the good nutrients in the water. Many homes are now keeping an RO water purifier in their homes for this reason.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking RO water instead of boiled water:

  • If you are feeling very thirsty, you cannot wait for the water to boil and then cool it down so that you can satiate your thirst. RO water can be consumed at any time as long as you have a working water purifier machine at home as these appliances generally come with storage tanks where purified water is stored and readily available.
  • RO purifier pushes water through a semipermeable membrane, which filters the pure drinking water out and stops dissolved salts from passing through. The semipermeable membrane is also stopped bacteria and pyrogens from passing through it. This means you will be drinking only the purest form of water which is safe for you and your home.
  • An RO system removes 98% of all bacteria and pathogens from tap water. It also eliminates the smell and taste of chlorine from tap water. This simply means that you can enjoy water which smells and tastes great and is completely pure.
  • Boiled water can concentrate a part of the toxic wastes, which do not get vaporized. However, an RO system filters out the toxic substances from water without removing any of the pure, filtered water.

An RO water purifier is an important part of any household and ensures that you and your family can enjoy only the safest, healthiest and most pure form of filtered water in your homes. Choose from some of the best Kent RO water purifiers which have the most advanced features and ensure that you and your family always have safe, pure and healthy water to consume.