Boiled Water VS RO Water – Which is the Better Choice?

Water is essential for your survival- and while humans can live without food for almost three weeks, however, water is a completely different story altogether. Humans can survive without water for not more than a week. The human body is made up of 60% water. Everybody wants to drink clean, healthy water in their homes. Boiling water is the most popular as well as the traditional form purifying water. However, boiling water does carry a lot of disadvantages. This is why recent studies have shown that RO purified water or Reverse Osmosis is the best purification method to drink pure and healthy water. This is why you need to have an RO water purifier at your home.

Boiling water may kill bacteria and other pathogens present in the water, it does not ensure 100% pure and safe drinking water. However, boiling water does have its share of disadvantages as well. If you end up boiling water which has a lot of toxic materials in it such as mercury, lead, solvents, asbestos or even nitrates, you run at a higher risk of drinking this toxic, contaminated water as the pure water is evaporated during the boiling process.

However, Reverse Osmosis is a process by which all the contaminants in the water are removed without losing the good nutrients in the water. Many homes are now keeping an RO water purifier in their homes for this reason.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking RO water instead of boiled water:

  • If you are feeling very thirsty, you cannot wait for the water to boil and then cool it down so that you can satiate your thirst. RO water can be consumed at any time as long as you have a working water purifier machine at home as these appliances generally come with storage tanks where purified water is stored and readily available.
  • RO purifier pushes water through a semipermeable membrane, which filters the pure drinking water out and stops dissolved salts from passing through. The semipermeable membrane is also stopped bacteria and pyrogens from passing through it. This means you will be drinking only the purest form of water which is safe for you and your home.
  • An RO system removes 98% of all bacteria and pathogens from tap water. It also eliminates the smell and taste of chlorine from tap water. This simply means that you can enjoy water which smells and tastes great and is completely pure.
  • Boiled water can concentrate a part of the toxic wastes, which do not get vaporized. However, an RO system filters out the toxic substances from water without removing any of the pure, filtered water.

An RO water purifier is an important part of any household and ensures that you and your family can enjoy only the safest, healthiest and most pure form of filtered water in your homes. Choose from some of the best Kent RO water purifiers which have the most advanced features and ensure that you and your family always have safe, pure and healthy water to consume.…

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3 Healthy Habits to Support Recovery

Recovering from alcoholism or drug use can be a difficult process, to say the least. Even after your body has gone through detox, the recovery process can be a lifelong journey. To help you along the way, here is a list of some healthy habits that can help support your lifelong recovery:

1. Find the Right Environment

One of the biggest hurdles people face during recovery is finding the support they need to maintain their sobriety. In many cases, transitioning back home can pose a serious risk of undoing your hard work. If you anticipate needing additional support, it may be a good idea to consider staying at a sober house prior to returning home. Places like Stepping Stones Recovery Houses offer a safe place for people suffering from substance abuse in Maryland. Having this support system in place can help you build upon the skills you learned in rehab while having the support of expert staff and other like-minded individuals.

2. Stay Active

Once you have returned home from a rehabilitation program, your first instinct may be to isolate yourself from others as you continue to heal. This isolation can allow other issues like depression to creep in. Instead, focus on being physically active. Physical activities, like jogging, swimming, or walking briskly around your neighborhood, may be able to help you stay on the right track.

3. Eat Regularly

Another healthy habit to work on is maintaining a healthy diet. Making an effort to eat as soon as hunger strikes can encourage you to incorporate a level of mindfulness into your eating habits. As you eat, remember to chew slowly and savor the taste of your food. Contemplate the look, smell and texture of the food as you eat it. Doing so will help you remain conscious of your food intake and only eat until you are full. This slower eating pattern may also lead to better digestion.

Recovering from alcohol or substance abuse is never easy. Developing these healthy habits can put you on the right track to living a healthier, sober life.…

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3 Tips and Tricks for Designing Mom-Friendly Packaging

 While it may not seem like an important detail, the way you package your products can have a big impact on your bottom line. In many homes, mothers are responsible for a large number of household purchases. With this kind of spending power, it makes sense that an increasing number of businesses are tailoring their packaging to appeal to this audience. To help you join the competition, here are some tips and tricks to help you design mom-friendly packaging:

1. Know your audience. The first tip to keep in mind is that not all mothers have the same goals and needs. To maximize your chance of success, take some time to drill down exactly which moms you want to appeal to. General demographic information like age, household income and age range of the children can really help you create targeted packaging. If you have trouble identifying your target audience, companies like TEN-E provide packaging consulting services that can help you with this step.

2. Design your packaging with convenience in mind. Many moms spend the majority of their days juggling kids, a household, work and a seemingly endless list of other responsibilities. Keep this fast-paced lifestyle in mind when designing your packaging. If you produce food products, focus on creating grab-and-go style packaging. Similarly, if you produce games or toys, consider packaging that can be opened quickly.

3. Make safety a priority. Safety is another factor to keep in mind when designing mom-friendly packaging. If your product contains components that could be harmful to a small child, using child-resistant packaging can give mothers that extra peace of mind. This rule applies to things like medication, household cleaners, detergents and more.

Designing mom-friendly packaging can seem intimidating at first, but it does not have to be. Follow these simple tips and you will be well on your way to creating functional, mom-friendly packaging.…

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How to Encourage Healing During Severe Illness

Serious illness is nothing to play around with; many people dread the intense discomfort, lost wages, and unproductive days that come with being sick. Some people might feel as if they are forced to push on and fight through the infection that is ravaging their bodies, but this is not the way to ensure a speedy recovery.

Taking Time Off to Rest

Once the body becomes infected, a war wages between the infectious cells and the body’s immune system. As the fight intensifies, a person will begin to feel under the weather. Once the infection reaches its worst, the person will lose energy rapidly. A waterfall of symptoms may set in, as well. This is when the body requires lots of rest rather than exerting itself, so it is important to take time away from work to do so. The body puts all of its energy into fighting the infection and building its own immunity. The more rest it receives, the faster the individual will feel better.

Caring for the Body

In order to help fight infection, the body needs a steady supply of nutrients and ample care. Vitamins, a healthy diet, and avoidance of toxic substances or habits will help to speed recovery. Since the immune system is already under a lot of stress, it is important to avoid people or places that might introduce new infections. Hands should be washed frequently, and masks should be used in places such as hospitals or clinics.

Herbal Rituals and Cultural Traditions

Natural or holistic medicine is quite popular for many ailments, from colds and coughs to headaches and joint pain. Some natural medicines can act as an expectorant to clear the airways, while others might help to cleanse the colon. Cultural traditions, such as bulk sage bundles for smudging, are common rituals for cleansing and healing friends and family members. These methods should be used in combination with a family doctor.

When the body falls ill, it can take days, weeks, or even months to fully heal. One of the best ways to get better quickly is to encourage healing from the inside out, and seeking medical care in cases of extreme illness.…

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How to Relieve Back Pain in Edinburgh

Well, am sure each one of us has experienced a back ache at some point right? How did you manage to go through it? Did you go to see a doctor or was there something you just did by yourself and the pain disappeared? Women are always victims of back pain maybe due to the kind of activities they do un their normal day to day routine. Anyway, you don’t have to suffer no more as there are a lot of ways in which you can relieve yourself from back pains. It also doesn’t mean that prescribed medicine has to be involved. Below are some tips that might help.

  • Better sleep

Sleeping sometimes get hard when one is having a back pain. This might turn to be a vicious cycle because the pain might even get worse if you are not getting enough sleep. You also need to watch your sleeping position. Poor sleeping positions can also aggravate the pain. Lying on your side with a pillow between the knees is a good remedy for getting rid of back strains as it helps in keeping the spine in a good or neutral position. Sleep on a comfortable mattress and if you want to lay on your back, having a pillow under the knees will also help.

  • Body posture

Remember when your grandma used to warn you about slouching? Well, she was just right. This is usually a bad habit for one to develop. Having a poor or bad body posture might also worsen the situation if sited for a long time. It is always advised that you should be sitting in an upright position while relaxing your shoulders and supporting your body against the chair. It would also be a good idea if you put a towel or a pillow between the sit and your lower back. Also, your feet should be flat while resting on the floor. This helps in reducing the chances of experiencing a back pain. Especially to those who work for long hours during the day.

  • Medication

Remember when I said you don’t have to be on some prescribed medicine in order to get rid of a back pain. Anyway, you can also go for over the counter pain killers. There are two types of OTC pain killers that can really help with a back pain problem. There is acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. However, both of these drugs might have some side effects to other people hence they cannot be able to take them. This is why it is always a good idea if you can talk to your doctor first before you proceed to take the pain killers. In as much as this might be able to help you, still don’t expect that you will be safe with medication alone. Research show that you will be needing different kinds of treatment for this.

  • Prescribed painkillers

Some people will always need prescribed medication to help with the back pain problem. These drugs can cause more damage if used without any instructions from the doctor or the pharmacist. It is always important to follow the instructions or use the drugs exactly as prescribed to avoid cases of overdose or misuse of the drugs.

  • Therapist

Seeing a therapist should also be an option to consider if you are having back problems. Therapists will teach you how you are supposed to stand, sit and even move in such a way that will to keep your spine in a proper alignment to reduce the strain. Seeing a therapist will also enable you to know what kind of exercises you should be doing to help in strengthen the muscles supporting your back. Doing these exercises will help you to avoid any future problems with your back. Some studies even shows that increasing your flexibility, endurance and strength will help reduce the chances of experiencing a back pain.

  • Resting an achy back

Sometimes back, lying on the bed for some rest was one of the things recommended by doctors to reduce back pain. This is not correct anymore. Bed rest nowadays is among one of the worst things to do. This can only increase your chances of having a back pain and maybe other complications. However, you can rest but not for more than two days. You need to get up and move a bit as exercising has been proven to be an effective way.


These are some of the things you can do to relieve yourself from back pain. There are many ways in which you can avoid having a back pain but only when you do them correctly. Finding a method that will work out effectively is just a trial and error process. This is why it is advised that you give it different approaches and …

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Seeing the Use of Cannabis in the Medical World

Double-edged sword. So, if we use marijuana as a medical medicine in some countries, including Indonesia.

On the one hand, the use of Cannabis sativa for the treatment of some diseases is beneficial. But on the other hand, legal legality is violated and side effects due to the use of medical marijuana are controversy.

In fact, the need for marijuana as one of the drugs in the medical world has been around for centuries. In marijuana, researchers found an active substance component that could potentially aid the treatment. That component is a chemical compound called cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are mostly contained in cannabis. The two active cannabinoids that have been studied include THC and CBD.

These substances are said to help heal and reduce the symptoms of certain diseases such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), cancer, can also increase appetite in people with HIV / AIDS, hepatitis C, stress disorders, glaucoma, epilepsy, and several other diseases.

“(Cannabis) to treat some diseases such as digestive diseases can indeed, but in other cases such as cancer, marijuana is used only to reduce the symptoms. But there are still many other drugs that can be used, so it is not the ultimate drug of choice, “said Albert’s doctor.

Reported by, the use of marijuana as a drug in the United States was still closely monitored. The American pharmaceutical agency, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) forbids marijuana to be prescribed, owned and sold freely.

Similarly, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or food and drug regulatory agency prohibits all types of products from cannabis.

However, there are exceptions in 28 states in the United States such as Arizona, Florida, and Washington that allow marijuana to be used only for treatment in some medical conditions.

The strict rules for the use of medical marijuana in the US also vary between states. In Alaska for example, the use of marijuana as a drug is limited to 28 grams for one use, while in Arkansas 85 grams for a 14-day period of use.

Although research on the benefits of marijuana in medical counts is not so much, in some small case studies, the use of marijuana in cancer patients reportedly can reduce nausea and dizziness after undergoing chemotherapy.  But with the right Cannabis Guides.

Cancer sufferers usually ‘enjoy’ the treatment of marijuana through food such as cakes. Still, the use of marijuana in the food must use certain permits.

Strict control over the use of marijuana as a medical drug, cannot be separated from side effects that may be caused. Reported by, on the condition of different patients, the use of cannabis can make mood changes such as suddenly cheerful, relaxed, sleepy, or just so anxious. These side effects can last 1 to 3 hours.

It is very difficult to predict the effects of medical marijuana on patients because marijuana plants have many active compounds. Effects can be felt differently based on the time of use of marijuana and the doses used.

The legality of marijuana as a medical drug was recently approved by the Argentine Senate. The country allows the use of marijuana in the medical world, whether in the form of oil or other derivatives of cannabis products, under strict conditions.

But despite the growing number of countries that legalize marijuana for medical purposes, in Indonesia marijuana still belongs to class I narcotics and prohibited its use in any form.

Time for marijuana for the benefit of humanity is discussed seriously.…

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Myriad Benefits of Extraordinary Jasmine Flower

The fragrance of the fragrant jasmine flowers also has many remarkable benefits for human life. Herbal tea mixing, green tea, white, black, and Oolong are usually use Jasmine or Jasminum Sambac. Which of them will be able to increase the aroma and taste of tea becomes more fresh and healthy body.

If described in detail the great content contained in the jasmine itself. It does have a range of natural substances that are useful to help the body in warding off various diseases. Among them, have antioxidant content of catechins, and the content of Livalylacetaat, benzyl, and indol. Many people who use the flowers, roots, and jasmine leaves to be made into natural remedies in the process of healing various kinds of diseases.

The presence of flowers that have this aroma can be a natural ingredient for overcoming various kinds of disorders in the body. So that the various diseases that attack the body can be overcome precisely, safely and naturally. And this is the benefits of jasmine flowers are quite amazing in improving body health.

1. Prevent cancer

Based on the results of studies show that eating jasmine tea, can be useful to prevent cancer. So if you consume regular jasmine tea, it will be an antidote to the growth of cancer cells in the body. Why? Well, usually making jasmine tea has a basic ingredient of green tea and white tea. There is one product that I can guarantee the originality. The product name is : sariwangi jasmine tea.

With this combination of basic ingredients, of course the content contained in it will be more complex. Where the content of polyphenols such as Epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG found in jasmine tea, is quite known as a strong defense system in warding off free radicals, and other carcinogenic harmful in the body. Therefore, jasmine tea is already proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer, lung cancer, and various types of cancer in the body.

2. Good for diabetes

To regulate and lower blood sugar levels in the body, you can utilize jasmine tea as a natural ingredient. This is so because the jasmine tea is also able to stimulate the body to increase insulin production, so it can help the body in regulating blood sugar levels. Therefore, jasmine flowers that have been presented in the form of this tea, it is good consumed by people with diabetes.

3. Lowering bad cholesterol

Consuming jasmine tea will also be able to lower the accumulation of fat and cholesterol in the body. In addition, the formation of bad cholesterol in the body will also soon be prevented. And of course if too much accumulation of cholesterol in the body, it can lead to health conditions of the body is threatened.

4. Prevent stroke

Jasmine flowers that have been processed into jasmine tea can also be useful to prevent the onset of stroke in the body. Where jasmine tea content will be able to prevent the existence of bad cholesterol in the body, which often leads to stroke and heart disease. So it is advisable to consume jasmine tea regularly, so the risk of stroke can be effectively prevented.

5. Smooth blood circulation

Circulatory conditions are not smooth, it has become the trigger will occur various kinds of disorders in the body. So to expedite this stunted blood circulation, then you can consume jasmine tea as its natural ingredient. Because of the use of jasmine tea. It will also be able to improve blood circulation and arteries in the body. Therefore, consuming jasmine tea regularly and regularly. Can also be a natural substance circulating blood circulation that is experiencing the disorder.…

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