Dosa maker: an Ideal Cooking Appliance to Cook a Lot Beyond Just Dosas

In today’s world where technology has an impact on everything, cooking is no longer a tiresome and dreaded activity. Innumerable kitchen appliance have come up and have changed the way people cook, time taken to cook efficiency and effectiveness in cooking. The changes have been contributed by the fact that people have less time to spend in the kitchen, so they want to prepare the best meals within the shortest time possible.

One of the most efficient modern day kitchen appliances is the dosa maker. Some years ago, people used to take a minimum of five minutes for one dosa. Today, it takes less than one minute to prepare a dosa. The difference in the time taken to cook dosa is so evident. Using a dosa making appliance for your everyday dosa meals provides irreplaceable benefits.

A Strategy for Serving Healthy Food

Making dosa at home means that you can choose the ingredients to use. There are many dosa recipes available for serving healthy food in terms of the ingredients used. By choosing to eat healthy food, you nourish your body with the right nutrients needed for proper functioning. dosa is considered as one of the healthiest delicacies from South India. It can be consumed for dinner, as a snack or for breakfast. Having a dosa maker makes it so convenient to make the delicacy any time of the day or night at the comfort of your home. As the appliances are non-stick, there is no need to use oil while cooking. This makes the food healthy.

Takes less Time to Prepare

For a dosa to be appetizing, it needs to be thin.  It is almost impossible or it would take so much time to make thin dosas. Making dosa using manual process would leave you feeling tired. The good news is that you do not have to go through the hassle. The delicacy maker guarantees tasty, equally thin, evenly brown, and appetizing dosas. The machine takes negligible time as compared to handmade dosa.

Hygiene Factor

Cooking dosa using handmade methods means that you have to put extra energy to ensure that the food is hygienic. While making batter, you need to ensure that the grinding stone is clean. If you use the dosa maker, you don’t have to worry about the small details as the machine takes care of hygiene and efficiency. The machine requires little maintenance but it guarantees amazing output.

Helps meet various other cooking needs

Apart from making dosa, you can also make omelettes, chillas, and crepes using the appliance. Anyone can use the appliance as it is easy to operate. The ease of use makes it possible to make delicacies instantly. All you need to do is to dip the batter in the dipping bowl then place the appliance on top and flip it to its original position. The dosa will start turning brown on the edges as a sign that it is ready.


You are likely to enjoy a meal more if you use the least energy to prepare it and are assured of the best results. A dosa maker provides you this guarantee and assures healthy hygienic food for your family without consuming much of your time.