Information About Preventing Skin Cancer On SkinHealth UK

In the United Kingdom, skin cancer presents a high mortality rate. The sad reality of the disease is that it is preventable. Local residents can follow common steps to lower their risk of developing the disease. These steps don’t require extensive effort and are easy to understand. The following is information about preventing skin cancer.

Don’t Use Tanning Beds

Tanning beds provide direct exposure to ultraviolet rays. While they are artificial, the rays present the same effects as the sun. The tanning beds increase the potential for developing skin cancer. Residents that utilize the beds for tanning often visit their preferred salon multiple times a month. This level of exposure to the dangerous rays increases the odds considerably that the individual will get skin cancer. Doctors recommend that residents use self-tanning products to achieve a tan safely.

Avoid Exposure to Sun Rays During Prime Hours

The hours between ten and four present the greatest risk of developing skin cancer. It is during this time that ultraviolet sun rays are at their highest concentration. They also increase the probability that the individual will sustain a sunburn. During these hours, residents should cover up their skin or use umbrellas to avoid direct exposure.

Use Sunscreen Products Appropriately

The highest SPF available should be used at all times that residents are outside. The product lowers the chances of negative effects. It protects the skin against sunburns as well as skin damage caused by ultraviolet sun rays.

When to Seek Medical Attention

The resident should seek medical attention at any time they have a skin concern. However, the most common indicators of skin cancer are uneven moles, discoloration, and pain. Moles that are wider than six millimeters require a complete assessment and testing for skin cancer. The edges of the mole are often jagged when the growth is skin cancer.

In the United Kingdom, skin cancer is a deadly disease that is caused by exposure to high concentrations of ultraviolet sun rays. The residents who are at the greatest risk of developing the disease are those who use tanning beds. Residents who want to review more details about skin cancer can visit SkinHealth UK today.