Phenomenal Chinese Cave Beach Indonesia

The beach is one of the most favorite natural scenery in Indonesia. Because this place is beautiful and also a place to calm down while enjoying the waves and the breeze. Many tourists also take advantage of this place as a location for sunbathing skin becomes darker. Indonesia is a country with many beautiful beaches like Chinese Cave in Malang City, East Java.

Chinese Cave Beach

Gua Cina (Chinese Cave) Beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Indonesia. This beach is located in Dusun Tumpak Awu, Sitiarjo Village, Sumbermanjing Wetan District, Malang Regency, East Java. One of the south coast of Malang is indeed sticking its name because many who upload it through social networking.

But do you know the name of the Chinese Cave Beach Malang actually? The real name is actually Rowo Indah Beach. The myth says that because of the death of a Chinese citizen about 20 years ago. This citizen are imprisoned in the cave area. So the citizens is more often call this place Chinese Cave until now.

One of the uniqueness of this beach is the beauty of wild waves typical beaches that face directly to the Indian Ocean. But there is something special in this one poor southern coast. Although located in the southern part of Java, from this place we can enjoy the sunrise. Fun for those who like barbeque parties on the beach until morning.

Besides popular with the mystery of the phenomenal cave and the beauty of sunrise in the morning. One of the tourist attractions in southern Malang also presents a rare natural phenomenon, namely the sea water waves stray from three directions, namely the south, east and west. The wave currents collided between the island of Bantengan and Nyonya Island. Because the current wave is so strong, it gives rise to a very thunderous sound. This is one natural phenomenon that is quite rare in the coast of South Malang.

Also because of the large waves, then none of the fishing boats dare to lean on the beach. Gua Cina (Chinese Cave) Beach area is just a traffic path for fishermen from all directions to Sendangbiru Beach.

Actually, Chinese Cave Beach area is not so vast, but with the three islands location in the middle of this place make the view more beautiful. The three islands are Bantengan Island, Chinese Cave Island and Nyonya Island. And on the edge of the beach looks quite beautiful, trees of various types look neatly lined in the beach area. These trees are quite shady visitors.

The position of Chinese cave is on the right of the beach with a distance of about 50 meters and it is in the coral reef location. Chinese cave is actually not so good, its shape like a regular cavity that jutted about 8 meters with a height of about 2 meters. The room inside is also quite wide, can for 2 people go hand in hand. Although the name of the cave, but not visible stalactite or stalagmite stones that characterize a cave. So, this cave is more accurately referred to as a cavity that is in the coral. Even so, the cave looks to have a strong magical value.

This place is so small and hidden, probably because of the lack of socialization to the community. But the facilities on the Chinese Cave beach such as food stalls, mosques, bathrooms and parking lots will make your holiday enjoyable.

Route to Chinese Cave Beach Malang

If we are going to go to Chinese Cave beach, then you can take from Bajulmati Beach, Gajahrejo Village, Gedangan Subdistrict to Chinese Cave Beach with only takes 15 minutes only because both beaches are only no more than 7 km. Access is very easy if you pass through the southern ring road with smooth asphalt. And tourist attractions in southern Malang is not too difficult to find because there are directions and signs that will guide visitors to this poor tourist location, but you must remain cautious because the road meandering and the side of the cliff.

Before entering the coast of China Cave we will pass the Bajulmati bridge that is above the sea estuary. Distance about one kilometer to the east of the bridge, there is an entrance to China’s Cave Beach. Unfortunately, access from the main road to the south coast of Malang is rather difficult, about 500 meters of roads badly damage. The road is actually quite wide, but because the road from the ground is not flat and the number of limestone rocks. Especially when stagnant rain, the road is quite soft and slippery.