The Importance of Regular Teeth Cleanings from Your Dentist

Healthy teeth and gums require proper oral care and, without it, decay and disease can inhibit our ability to eat certain foods, speak clearly, or function in society. Our smiles play a large part in how others perceive us and an unhealthy mouth can affect our self-esteem and make us seem unfriendly. To maintain good oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay and gum disease, we know to brush our teeth and floss regularly. However, many people don’t realize that regular professional cleanings are just as important.

Seeing your dentist every six months for a teeth cleaning can accomplish a great deal in terms of keeping your smile bright and healthy. Primarily, a thorough cleaning will eliminate the tartar, plaque, and food build-up that can help bacteria spread and infect your teeth and gums. Additionally, these visits will help your dentist spot any developing problems early on. If he does see a cavity forming, for instance, he can drill and fill it, before it worsens and requires a more extensive treatment.

Your six month check-up may also be a good opportunity to ask your dentist about teeth whitening Arlington Heights IL. Even if you are following your dentist’s advice, the passage of time and bad habits may be reducing the brightness of your smile. Getting your teeth professionally treated can restore your smile to a whiter tone and give you a more flattering smile. The process involves a teeth cleaning first to remove build-up, so your regular check-up appointment may be the best time to schedule a whitening. You’ll leave the office with teeth that are cleaner and a smile that looks healthier.

By maintaining proper oral care and getting regular teeth cleanings, you can keep your teeth and gums free of disease-causing bacteria. When a dentist isn’t able to examine your teeth regularly, you may not notice a problem until you begin experiencing pain. This often indicates a cavity that has reached the tooth’s nerve, requiring a root canal procedure or an extraction. Regular cleanings can help you avoid those costly and uncomfortable procedures, while also helping you keep a smile you’ll be proud to share.