Ways to Wear wink Scrubs as Part of a Quest to Raise Social Awareness

Health care workers in certain occupations commonly wear Wonderwink scrubs, affectionately called wink by some fans of the brand. for their comfortable fit and lightweight fabric. Medical facilities typically require these employees to wear scrubs, but the organizations don’t always mandate colors and patterns.

Raising Awareness

Some employees might like to know whether they can wear prints depicting an interest in certain social issues or whether they can raise awareness of specific health conditions. Their supervisors may advise them not to wear anything controversial, but many issues shouldn’t cause any uproar among colleagues, patients or visitors.


If the facility managers want their employees to wear specific solid colors designating their particular occupation or department, those workers might be allowed to include another piece of apparel that might boost awareness of a social cause or societal problem.

For instance, perhaps they could wear long-sleeved t-shirts under the scrub top with the slogan “autism awareness” on the sleeves. This could be particularly appropriate in a pediatric setting. Other slogans might be intended to raise awareness of conditions such as Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.


Rules about jewelry vary by facility and by occupation. There are practical matters to consider in regard to wearing earrings that dangle and pendant necklaces, for example. However, depending on their work duties, employees might be allowed to wear post earrings in the shape of a cross or a short necklace with a star of David. They might choose to coordinate colors of jewelry with the solid scrub colors they are required to wear on the job. Of course, hospitals that are affiliated with specific faiths or religious denominations may not approve of wearing jewelry depicting other belief systems.


Companies like Wonderwink offer scrubs that are intended to raise awareness and avoid offending anyone. Scrubs designed with a multitude of pink ribbons support breast cancer awareness. A design with Valentine’s-style hearts can be worn as a positive message of love for patients and visitors. Employees of health care facilities who have some freedom in their attire choices might enjoy spending some time shopping on the website and looking at all the apparel available.