What Happens The Day Of Your Breast Augmentation

In Florida, patients must discuss their breast augmentation surgery thoroughly with their cosmetic surgeon. During the discussion, they create a plan for the surgery based on realistic expectations and the preferences of the patient. They also explore possible risks and complications. The following is a review of what happens on the day of the breast augmentation surgery.

What Happens Immediately Before the Procedure?

Patients receive medication to help them relax. This is beneficial for patients who suffer from anxiety. It also makes the initial processes less stressful for the patients. The patients receive a general anesthetic, a local anesthetic, or intravenous sedation right before the start of their procedure. They are connected to heart monitors, blood pressure cups, and an oxygen saturation device. IV fluids are also used to keep the body hydrated during the procedure. The surgery will last up to three hours.

What Happens During a Breast Implant Procedure?

The surgeon makes an incision under the breast, under the arm, or at the side of the aureole. The implants are positioned inside the breast according to the surgical plan set up. This indicates that they are placed under or over the muscle. The surgeon closes the incisions with sutures that will dissolve during the healing process. The patient must wear either a compression bra or is wrapped heavily with a surgical gauge to prevent the breasts from moving.

What Happens During Fat Transfer Procedures?

These surgeries are a two-part procedure. The surgeon makes an incision into the target location and performs liposuction. They extract an adequate volume of fat for the procedure. The fat that is removed is processed appropriately. Next, the fat is injected into each breast. All incisions are closed, and the patient must follow the same after-care requirements. Most patients go home within a few hours after the procedures are performed.

In Florida, patients are advised of the requirements before and after their breast augmentation surgery. They also receive instructions for any developing complication that is discovered. The surgeon will also schedule a follow-up appointment for these patients. All patients who want to learn more about these procedures can see details here today.