Why People Are Afraid to Go to the Dentist

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. Others are terrified. What causes them to be so afraid that they often do not go at all? There are a number of reasons, some of which can be traced to their childhood. Perhaps they had a procedure that was quite painful, or their parents were afraid and have transferred this fear to their children.


There are several types of fear that can make people avoid going to the dentist. Some people are afraid of pain, even if they have never had a procedure that was painful. Others are scared of needles or drills. They have probably heard horror stories from friends or relatives that did not have a good experience. Sometimes, just the thought of needles makes people feel faint. The dentist is likely not the only place they try to avoid.

There have been so many advances made in dentistry that pain and discomfort has been greatly reduced. However, people may not know this, because they have avoided going. There are many types of sedation available that do not require needles. For example, inhalation sedation involves inhaling a drug that reduces stress, and the patient can still communicate with the dentist.

The Dentists Office

For some people, being in the dentists office causes anxiety. They may not be comfortable seeing the instruments that will be used or even the smell of the office. One of the most common causes of stress and anxiety is feeling as if you are not in control. This can trigger the fear that you will not be able to breathe.

If you have severe anxiety when thinking about going to a dentist, conscious sedation can be an option. Medicine that aids in relaxation and another that stops pain is used in this type of sedation to help patients who have dental anxiety. A company that offers conscious sedation certification for dentists is IV Sedation Courses for Dentists. This can be a viable option if you have been putting off going to the dentist.